Economic Reference: The "blockchain finance" scene is gradually unfolding

The economic reference newspaper "The blockchain + finance" scene is gradually unfolding." The article said that the reporter learned in the interview that at present, the application of blockchain technology has extended to areas such as digital finance, especially in the fields of supply chain finance and cross-border financial payment. Many applications have been “rooted” and in assets. In the areas of securitization and collateral, the application of blockchain also has certain potential. At the same time, a number of financial technology companies have also tried to use their blockchain technology to empower their businesses. In addition to financial institutions, the relevant financial regulatory authorities are also promoting the application of the blockchain in some of the more suitable scenarios. According to incomplete statistics, 15 A-share listed banks disclosed blockchain-related business in the 2019 mid-year report, covering various areas such as supply chain finance, cross-border innovation payment, asset securitization, and electronic invoicing.