A network fraud gang of 41 involved in virtual currency investment in Wujiang District of Wuhu City was sentenced

Recently, the People’s Court of Wujiang City, Wuhu City, Anhui Province publicly pronounced 41 defrauded cases of Li Bing and other people in the first instance. The court found through trial that in October 2016, Li Bing, a Fujian Minhou County person, invested in the establishment of a cultural development company in Fuzhou. . In May 2017, the defendant Li Bing and the defendant Li Fang negotiated to purchase a platform investment trading software with control of profit and loss function, and set up a trading platform for virtual investment “bitcoin” and “Litecoin”. Through the WeChat, the company's salesmen played such high-profile people as “Gao Fu Shuai” and “Bai Fumei”, using deceptive words and online heterosexual chat. After obtaining the trust of the victim, the victim is sent to the virtual investment platform built by the company by sending a false investment profit screenshot.