Opinion: It is a good privacy coin that can evolve in super confrontation.

Today, Slow Fog has published some additional comments on the privacy flaws of MimbleWimble disclosed by Dragonfly Capital researchers:
The attack idea is essentially a man-in-the-middle attack idea: by analyzing the pre-aggregation transaction traffic of MimbleWimble through the “sniffer node” technology that requires some cost, the value of the two key privacy factors from//to is found. I don't know the value, but I have the ability to know the source and whereabouts of many transactions, but not completely;
2. This "sniffing" idea is similar to the traceability of the Dark Network Tor network in the United States and other countries. It deploys or controls enough nodes to capture IP connections in the Tor network. However, for the MimbleWimble network, due to the P2P communication characteristics of the node, there is no need to deploy or control many nodes;
3. The MimbleWimble protocol needs to evolve to deal with this “sniffing” technology, but we all know that Grin and Beam not only have the MimbleWimble protocol, but the privacy policy also has room for enhancement in the upper layer;
4. The core issue that the privacy currency has to solve in the chain is: privacy from from/to/value, but privacy is not only on the chain, but also on the underlying part, such as IP, which is required for all privacy currencies. The problem facing. Although MimbleWimble is not perfect in the privacy of the pure chain, this is inevitable, perfection does not exist, not only MimbleWimble;
5. Privacy is an engineering-level issue, and Dragonfly Capital's researcher's confrontation is also engineering-level. In engineering-level confrontation, there is no perfect privacy currency;
5. Looking forward to a series of evolutions of privacy coins, it is a good privacy coin that can evolve in super confrontation.