Opinion: The privacy of Grin is destroyed is an alarmist

Today, Fu Dongliang, CEO of the Dimensional Security Lab, said that the "Breaking Mimblewimble's Privacy Model" released by researcher Lvan Bogatyy claimed that the privacy of the Mimblewimble protocol could be destroyed at a very low cost. There was a big fallacy.
Lvan Bogatyy believes that deploying enough nodes in the network can get raw transaction data (data not mixed by CoinJoin) from the memory pool before the transaction is packaged, and by listening to the "dandelion network" in the transaction path, Destroy the anonymity of the MimbleWimble protocol to detect information about both parties to the transaction.
But in fact, for example, Grin, whether using online transactions (both parties must sign transactions online) or offline transactions (signing transactions through file transfer, similar to commercial contract electronic signatures), Grin's initial sending address is a one-time temporary address ( Or the concept of an address does not exist at all, and it cannot be group matched with other related addresses, so that privacy cannot be broken.