Huang Hong, Vice Chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission: Bank insurance institutions can support technical applications such as blockchain by providing risk protection

On November 19th, at the "14th Annual 21st Century Asian Finance Conference", Huang Hong, Vice Chairman of the Bank of China Insurance Supervision and Management Committee, delivered a keynote speech on "The development of the banking industry's insurance industry to help the new kinetic energy development." He said that the rapid development of a new generation of information technology, represented by blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, 5G / 6G, and quantum computing, has enormous opportunities and potentials, and is likely to lead the next technological and industrial transformation. However, the early development of new technologies requires a lot of financial support, and the later testing and commercial applications are also full of uncertainty and require adequate risk protection. Bank insurance institutions can give full play to their own advantages and actively support the development and application of new technologies by providing channels such as credit and risk protection.