Opinion: The privacy features of Mimblewimble technology reflect the boundaries of capabilities, not “holes”

In an article on privacy flaws in the Mimblewimble agreement by Ivan Bogatyy, a researcher at the blockchain investment fund Dragonfly Capital, Beijing chain security expert Hardman said:
1. MimbleWimble hides addresses and amounts for users by hiding transaction amounts and avoiding publicly visible addresses. The main currency currently used is Grin.
2. The MimbleWimble protocol is effective for the confusion and protection of the transfer amount and cannot be identified and attacked at present.
3. The concealment effect of the protocol for the sender and receiver is not as good as that of Monroe and ZCash, but we believe that this reflects the capability boundary of the technical characteristics of this algorithm, rather than “vulnerabilities”.
4. In actual operation, to identify the sender and receiver of MimbleWimble, it is necessary to add a sniffing node to the token network using MimbleWimble and use an accurate recognition algorithm.
5. The increase of sniffing nodes and the iteration of the recognition algorithm can improve the recognition rate. It is a technical problem and a cost issue. It is not easy for an individual attacker to do this.