The CLI binary file is corrupted, and Monroe users must check the file integrity and transfer assets in time.

Monroe officially issued a security warning today saying that some users reported that the hash value of the downloaded binary file did not match the expected binary file. Upon inspection, the official said that in the past 24 hours, the available CLI binaries on were attacked. Users can now download files from a secure alternate source. At the same time, the official reminder that users who have downloaded files in the last 24 hours must check the integrity of the binary files in time. If the hash values ​​in the files do not match, please do not allow the files to be downloaded. If the files are already running, the user must immediately transfer the funds to The security version of the Monero wallet, and this operation also needs to pay attention to check the hash value. Monroe official said it is investigating the issue and more information will be released later. Previously, the Monroe CLI v0.15.0.0 version was released on November 9.