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Multi-mortgage Dai successfully upgraded and issued 24 million stable coins Dai

MakerDao official tweet released a long article announcement, saying that Multi-Collateral Dai has been launched, and detailed how to transfer single mortgage Dai to multiple mortgage Dai, stable currency rate change, new logo and Dai deposit interest, etc. .

(Note: There are two most important points for multi-mortgage Dai upgrade. One is that it can only be generated by mortgage Ethereum to generate stable currency Dai, which can be generated by Ethereum and Attention BAT mortgage, and other ERC will be added later. -20 token support, need to vote in the community; the second point is the addition of Dai deposit interest (SDR) in the multi-mortgage Dai system, the user holding Dai can get about 2% of the current interest income with the deposit.

In addition, in order to avoid the risks brought by the upgrade, the Foundation decided to run two Dai versions in parallel during the upgrade. The original single mortgage Dai is called “Sai”, and the multi-mortgage Dai after the upgrade is called “Dai”, Sai. You can migrate after the upgrade and redeem it into Dai. )

As of now, the wallets (Firecoin Wallet, MetaMask, Argent, etc.), Dapp (MakerDao, Set, Dharma, dYdX) that previously supported the stable currency Dai have indicated that they will support the multi-mortgage Dai upgrade.

According to data, after the multi-mortgage Dai was launched, a total of 2.42 million Dai was issued, of which 2.15 million Dai was generated by Ethereum mortgage, 260,000 was generated by BAT mortgage, and 2147 Dai was converted from Sai. Dai's debt ceiling is 153 million, of which Sai converts 100 million, Ethereum mortgages generate an upper limit of 50 million, and BAT mortgages generate an upper limit of 3 million.


Reddit hot post: Bitcoin has kept rising in the past two years, BCH has fallen by 79%

A post on Reddit compares the price of Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash now and two years ago.

Today, two years ago, the price of Bitcoin was $8,127, and it is now $8,188, a slight increase. Two years ago, the price of Bitcoin cash was $1,186, and now it is $256, a drop of 79%.

Posts claim that people who follow r/btc (note: r/btc is a reddit forum established by Roger et al. and later became a forum based on BCH exchange) have suffered serious economic consequences.

A recent exchange showed that 95% of BCH's development team owns Bitcoin, which they say is inconsistent with what they are actually doing.


Important industry information

1. The Block reported that US Presidential Candidate Yang Anze detailed his framework for regulating cryptocurrencies at the national level, including how to define securities, how to define Tokens, and clear taxation.

2, Cointelegraph reported that German airline Hahn Air announced in a press release that it became the first airline to issue air tickets on the blockchain. It is reported that Hahn Air cooperated with Winding Tree, a decentralized tourism platform, to achieve ticket sales. The first passengers have already purchased tickets.

3. According to Cointelegraph, the first case of ICO fraud in the United States was sentenced to 18 months. The ICO claims to have an endorsement of diamonds and real estate, raising $300,000 to more than 1,000 investors in 2017.

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