Non-joint office: Be wary of illegal fundraising in the name of blockchain, and the masses report prizes

The Office of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Meeting on Disposal of Illegal Fund Raising, established at the China Banking Regulatory Commission, sent a letter to the provincial and municipal offices on November 18, prompting the prevention of illegal fundraising risks under the name of “blockchain”. It is reported that in the concept of “playing early and playing small”, the risk warning letter requires all localities to make full use of various means such as network monitoring, big data screening, offline scanning, etc., to increase illegality such as “fried coins” and “species chain”. Monitoring and early warning of fund raising risks. Once you find that you are involved, you should promptly and decisively dispose of it. The reporter further learned that in the prevention of illegal fund-raising in the name of the blockchain chain, the relevant departments encourage the masses to actively report, and those who meet the conditions will be rewarded.