Liu Yuanchun, vice president of the National People's Congress: China's blockchain sector accounts for 83.1% of the world's financing.

According to financial news, on November 19th, Jingdong 2019 Global Technology Explorers Conference was held in Beijing. Liu Yuanchun, vice president of Renmin University of China, attended the sub-forum "Financial Technology Second Half" and delivered a speech. Liu Yuanchun quoted a set of data that China's financing in the blockchain sector accounted for 83.1% of the global total, and this proportion needs to be reflected. Combined with the current changes in the technology finance model and format, Liu Yuanchun analyzed from the perspective of futurology that most of the predictions of future studies are unreliable, and those events with super-small probability are often called black swan. He also said that people's anxiety about technology can easily be turned into a financial expectation, which ultimately leads to a bubble. Be novel and appropriate.