Pan and Lin: blockchain technology is in the ascendant, need to beware of hype behavior

On November 19th, Pan Helin, executive director of the Institute of Digital Economy of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, pointed out that the successful application of blockchain technology in digital currency, coupled with the popularity of Bitcoin in previous years, made blockchain technology quickly enter the public. Vision, some people have high hopes for making money from speculation, which provides the criminals with an opportunity. There is no doubt that blockchain technology itself is a cutting-edge technology with a broad application space, and its application scenarios are no longer limited to digital currency, but have good prospects for development in finance, industry, government, and people's livelihood. . However, at present, the development of China's blockchain technology is still in its infancy, and it takes time to explore whether it is legal, regulatory or application. Prior to this, the public should still maintain a calm and objective attitude, rationally treat blockchain technology, not only be wary of projects that claim to use the blockchain to invest, beware of being deceived, and speculation about possible blockchain concepts in the stock market. The phenomenon must also remain rational, and do not blindly follow the trend.