Zhongjing Tianping Judicial Identification Center and PeckShield reached a strategic cooperation

The Zhongjing Tianping Judicial Appraisal Center announced a strategic partnership with CoinHolmes, a one-stop digital asset tracking platform of PeckShield, the world's leading blockchain security company. The Zhongjing Tianping Judicial Appraisal Center and CoinHolmes will cooperate in the field of digital asset chain address analysis, capital flow monitoring, traceability analysis, visual path reporting and other comprehensive digital asset one-stop AML anti-money laundering solutions to help investors Fast, efficient services such as depositing certificates, forensics, and forensic identification. This is the first one-stop digital asset traceability in the blockchain industry, which allows access to the transaction process and effectively interfaces with the judicial authorities. In addition, the two sides will also actively cooperate in many aspects such as the analysis of the dark market. The two parties also cooperated to launch the "Digital Assets Traceability" WeChat applet, and users can retain relevant evidence during the process of digital asset activities.