In the recruitment season of the year, the police reminded the companies that advocated the new concept of new words such as “blockchain” and “digital currency”.

According to Xinhua News, there is another high-risk "minefield" hidden in the recruitment advertisements in the one-year recruitment season. Job seekers can polish their eyes! The police reminded that graduates should not be stunned by the so-called "high salary", and ten categories of "unreliable" companies need to be vigilant. In terms of the nature of the company, the following three types of enterprises need to be vigilant: First, the actual responsible person, business address or foreign name and business license registration inconsistency; Second, no financial license to engage in private equity, funds, stocks, futures, foreign exchange and other financial The business activities of the enterprise; the third is to blindly use the "blockchain" and "digital currency" and other new concepts and new terms to promote the momentum of the enterprise.