Jingdong Digital Technology Chen Shengqiang: Technology applications such as blockchain digitize multidimensional information and industrial knowledge in the physical world

On November 19th, at the 2019 Jingdong Global Technology Explorer Conference, Chen Shengqiang, CEO of Jingdong Digital Technology Group, said that the landing of 5G network will catalyze the efficient application of digital technology in richer and more complex industrial scenes and completely release the kinetic energy of digital technology. On the surface, Jingdong Digital's industrial digital service modules are quite different, but in fact, all modules have the same underlying logic, a digital operating system with a common core, and its core logic is mainly reflected in three aspects: First, Unified Internet hardware and software, network communication, Internet of Things, AI, blockchain and other technical applications, digitizing the multidimensional information and industrial knowledge of the physical world, connecting online and offline with digital connections; second, maximizing data and technology The number of conventions, reshaping industrial processes and decision-making mechanisms, achieving industrial efficiency improvement and cost structure changes, achieving scale coverage by reducing marginal cost, and forming economies of scale and network effects; third, using self-construction symbiosis instead of self-enclosure Data and technology are applied in multi-industry, multi-chain mesh concatenation and collaboration to create greater industry value and customer value.