Bibox: The Staking (SKR) team publishes false statements and reserves the right to pursue legal liability

On April 22nd, Bibox issued a statement about the unspeakability of the Staking (SKR) team: 1. At 8:00 am on April 22, Bibox announced that the stellar plan to suspend the launch of Staking (SKR) for the first time, the main reason is SKR The project party failed to control the large amount of off-site quotas. After several rounds of negotiations between the Bibox Stellar team and the project side, the market margin spillover has not been effectively controlled. Considering the interests of users, Bibox decided that the first phase of the star project will not be online. Staking (SKR). 2. After the announcement, the Staking (SKR) team spread out false statements and tried to smear Bibox. We are very sorry about the false accusations of the SKR project party, while retaining the right to pursue legal responsibility.