The first case of Internet public interest litigation in the field of honor and protection in the country, the blockchain incarnation "electronic witness"

On January 19th, the Hangzhou Internet Court publicly tried online to infringe on the revolutionary heroic reputation of the Internet through the Internet and sentenced the defendant to immediately stop the infringement and apologize and eliminate the influence in the state-level media. The reporter learned from the trial that as the first procuratorial organ in the country to file a civil public interest litigation case in the field of reputation protection in the Internet court, the key evidence in this case was fixed by the application of blockchain technology by the Xihu District Procuratorate of Hangzhou. Ma Rui, the prosecutor of the case, told reporters that the blockchain technology is used for judicial forensics because the blockchain has the technical characteristics of decentralized and distributed storage. The data preserved is original and complete and more realistic. reliable.