TronWallet CEO: Encrypted currency wallets will change the world in the next few years

The number of cryptocurrency wallet users has been growing steadily over the past decade, and this trend is still positive, even during long-term bear markets. Analysis of the data platform Statista shows a significant increase in the third quarter of this year, with more than 42 million cryptocurrency wallet users by the end of September. This highlights the growing popularity of decentralized digital currencies since the creation of Bitcoin. The first large increase in the third and fourth quarters of 2017 coincided with the bull market in the encryption market, and the second sharp rise occurred in the second quarter of 2019. TioWallet CEO Dio Ianakiara believes that in the next few years, cryptocurrency wallets will change the world and will be the gateway to personal financial freedom; it will turn ordinary people into investors and change the way the industry conducts business; it will Change the way governments and companies deal with users.