Jingdong combined with AI to carry out blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability to Pu'er tea

Bo Lifeng, chief scientist of Jingdong Digital Technology AI Lab, said: "Combining AI to the blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability of Pu'er tea is a frontier case of our latest progress." Simply put, when Pu'er tea is shipped, an image is collected. When the consumer sees this Pu'er tea and then takes an image for comparison, he can directly find the information about this Pu'er tea on the anti-counterfeiting traceability platform. “Because the texture produced during the suppression of Pu'er tea is random, it is equivalent to each Pu'er tea having its own 'DNA'. This guarantees uniqueness and non-replaceability, not only anti-counterfeiting, but also anti-counterfeiting. No additional cost, no additional information."