Liu Feng, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology: The blockchain industry will continue to be supervised and shuffled for a long time.

Liu Feng, a professor of business at Binjiang College of Nanjing University of Information Science and a member of the blockchain professional committee of China Automation Society, believes that the blockchain industry will continue to be supervised and shuffled for a long time. Enterprises with a focus on technological innovation will enjoy the new industry belt. The policy dividends come, and the employees of the company that have been operating on the basis of tokens will be substantially evacuated or transformed. Regarding the current regulatory situation, Liu Feng further pointed out that in the future, supervision will continue to support the vigorous development of blockchain technology, promote the integration of this technology with various industry sectors, and form an industrialization, but at the same time, it will also target blockchain token finance. Activities and various behaviors that may undermine financial stability and maintain a high-pressure regulatory posture for a long time. In addition, he said that for the development of the blockchain industry, it will enter a policy-guided transition period in the future. That is to guide the "mineral" enterprises to standardize production, and make full use of surplus natural resources for value production and utilization. Actively guide the “coin circle” enterprises, especially the head enterprises, and encourage them to obtain certain licenses or licenses to comply with existing laws and regulations to make them operate in compliance, and to force the supervision of the hair style of token digital assets. Logout behavior. For “chain-chain” enterprises, they will actively encourage their technology industry to land. Thus, the blockchain technology truly serves the real economy through various levels, and is the name of the blockchain technology.