Yu Jianing, President of the University of Fire Capital: Relevant institutions should strengthen the regulation of blockchain projects through legislation and scientific and technological supervision.

Yu Jianing, the president of the China University of Communications Industry and the deputy director of the China Communications Industry Association Blockchain Committee, said that the threshold for the issuance of digital assets is relatively lower than the threshold for traditional asset issuance. The low threshold makes the risk of investors corresponding. increase. Due to the mixed mix of early blockchain projects, Yu Jianing suggested that the entry should be strengthened. In the face of the immature blockchain project, what measures should be taken by relevant institutions to regulate it? Yu Jianing said that it is necessary to gradually incorporate digital finance into the legal system and start the legislative process as soon as possible. Second, we must rely on scientific and technological supervision to achieve The chain of governance chain; Third, we must strengthen the education and publicity of blockchain technology to enhance the ability of users and investors to identify; Fourth, we must strengthen the application of guidance.