Comment: There is no money for speculation, and the blockchain is not “blocking”

On November 19th, the Daily Economic News published a commentary article, “Every Hot Review | Speculative, No Money, Blockchain is not “blockage””. The article pointed out that although few people can really understand the meaning of the blockchain, it does not prevent the blockchain from becoming one of the hottest words in the fourth quarter of this year, from the financial circle to the scientific and technological sector, from the stock market to venture capital. The blockchain has become "significant". Blockchain is a cutting-edge technology but not a tool for overnight wealth, and ordinary people should remain awe. Although the blockchain may create a market as large as the Internet, its potential rewards will not be realized in a short time. Blockchain involves very complex knowledge of mathematics, cryptography, and computer science. It is difficult for professionals to understand. If combined with hundreds of specific industries, the complexity will multiply. Therefore, we believe that for the blockchain, ordinary people should maintain awe and think carefully before investing. It must be known that the benefits are directly proportional to the risks.