Blockchain de-storing must improve the "technical content" of supervision

According to the Economic Information Daily, in the near future, the swindling and swindling in the name of blockchain technology has shown a rise. Part of the currency circle has been re-energized from the media and illegal money-issuing companies, using social software to promote tokens in an attempt to fish in troubled waters. Some illegal fund-raising and pyramid schemes have revived the blockchain and infringe on the interests of investors. Netizen "Ma Tianyuan" believes that the blockchain is being widely integrated with the real economy, and gradually plays an active role in various fields such as the Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, and user credit. Only by making good use of it can we really realize our potential. To strengthen the application of regulatory technology, most pyramid schemes under the name of blockchain will frequently spread and leave marks on the Internet. With the help of financial technology supervision, it is possible to find and investigate in time.