Nanfang Daily: Be wary of pyramid schemes and put on the blockchain vest, the relevant departments must make a difference

The Nanfang Daily published today that the blockchain is a subversive core technology with a wide range of application scenarios, but some people have used their brains to make use of the curiosity of many people on blockchains. Chains and digital currencies are “integrated”. The so-called new scam is not new, but it is the vest of the new concept of blockchain and digital currency for the original MLM routine. It is a scam for changing the soup. The discovery of the truth requires the penetration of layers of fog, and the relevant departments must make a difference. It is worth noting that the victims of pyramid schemes are also at risk of committing crimes. The person in charge of the relevant state departments has clearly stated on the "Prohibition of MLM Regulations": "For those who have participated in many times and have not changed their education, although they are not among the backbone elements, but they do deceive others and cause losses to others, the industry and commerce department ordered the suspension of illegal activities. Can be fined less than 2,000 yuan. "It can be seen that if you realize that you have been deceived, but you want to pull some people back, you may be held accountable.