New Express: The growth of auto insurance business encounters the problem of the blockchain technology

According to the New Express News, in recent years, due to the decline in sales of new cars and the reform of commercial auto insurance rates, the growth rate of auto insurance premiums has slowed down, while non-auto insurance business has shown a rapid development trend. The development of auto insurance has encountered “ceiling”. Some institutions and professional auto insurance companies have also begun to try to find breakthroughs through technology empowerment. Zhongcheng Insurance, which has announced the transformation to a technology-based insurance company, recently revealed to reporters that in September, it has established a blockchain special research project group with Beijing Aershan Financial Technology to jointly develop and develop blockchain auto insurance and form a coalition chain. In this way, the market will overtake the car, enhance the value of the company and at the same time make investors recognize, and prepare for the transfer in the capital market, the relevant products will be launched in the first half of next year.