When the market is inconsistent with expectations, you should first choose to lower the position.

The two steps taken by the market are really very adhesive, and the constant yin falls to a new low. This trend is very uncomfortable. It is a torment for the quilt friend. I don’t know who is obeying a big V call for 20 times leverage. Now what is the idea, now some big V is really omnipotent in order to cater to the reader's eye. Originally, he is a content author, and now he is also guiding others to operate. Such people really have no conscience. Blunt knives cut the meat is the most painful, a little bit of down, you do not run for a long time, the cumulative decline is not small, and the policy level is not friendly, I personally insist on watching, even if there is a certain position The rebound is not worthy of participation, the overall downward trend has not been reversed, or try to maintain a wait-and-see attitude.


BTC dropped to a minimum of $8005 yesterday. The recent declines in several negative lines are heavy. It is estimated that the funds that entered the market are now leaving in batches. From the weekly level, BTC has penetrated the previous one. Half of the position of the Yangyang line, the repeated yin and yang intersections are very large for the long-term consumption, and are not very optimistic from the daily level. The short-term averages have formed a short position, forming a certain price for the currency. Pressure, there is only one annual line support, and the trend of yin falls is the most grueling. I still suggest that everyone participate cautiously, and wait for the trend to be clear and make decisions. The survival of the news is more than half of the life force. The rest may be Struggling, there may be a small rebound in the short term, but the participation is not high, keep watching, if the target returns to the previous low of 7300 US dollars, it means that the target has completed the counter-pumping action on the head neckline The market will be lower and lower.


The view on ETH has not changed. It has been oscillating under the neckline. Yesterday, there is a downward trend. The target itself cannot go out of the independent market. The probability is to follow the market. The neckline of the target W The position pressure is relatively large, and the current trading volume is not enough to form an effective breakthrough. If the delay cannot be broken, it means that the market is far less recognized by the target than the BTC. If the target is re-explored near the US$150, be careful. Must break, the three touches will break, personally think that the possibility of BTC down is higher than the upward, the target may also follow.

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