FinCEN said that the stable currency must be registered as a currency service business, triggering discussion by V God et al.

Recently, Kenneth Blanco, head of FinCEN, the US financial crime enforcement network, said at the blockchain conference that regardless of the type of currency, its managers must be registered as a money service business (MSB) at FinCEN. In his speech, he stressed that stable currency is not a new concept in the field of cryptocurrency. FinCEN has always maintained the principle of technology neutrality to study stable currency. In order to combat anti-money laundering (AML) and terrorist financing (CFT), stable currency transactions and other Like any alternative currency transaction, it is a category of money transfer services. Ethereum UX designer and front-end Alex Van de Sande commented that I want to know when AML and KYC restrictions will be enforced for DAI. V God forwarded the comment saying that this matter seems to be important, so is it possible to try to link to the currency as a currency substitute? And what about derivatives that don’t exist in the underlying merchandise (such as CPI)? We need an alternative to MCD, a stable currency issuance method that uses a single mortgage, governing minimalism (a voting mechanism that only serves the price oracle).