Coin security: MCO 800 times premium opening was caused by the user's wrong order, the total transaction amount is only 13 dollars

In response to the MCO's 800-fold premium in the opening of the currency, the official response of the currency security said: MCO had previously opened the currency pair transaction with the BTC in the currency, but only added a new MCO/USDT transaction at 18:00 on November 19th. In this transaction, when the price was just opened, the user price was wrong. The transaction was 13 US dollars total, which was caused by the user's operation error. At that time, the price of MCO/BTC was not affected; 3. User orders and market There will be a price difference, and the currency has a risk control mechanism. If the price difference is too large, the user will be reminded. According to the currency security market, MCO/BTC is now quoted at 0.0005436, with a rise of 7.11% in 24h.