CCTV Financial Reviewer Ma Guangyuan: Blockchain experts should explain to the public clearly the original source of the blockchain

On the evening of November 19, CCTV financial commentator Ma Guangyuan said in the CCTV Finance Review column that there are many companies that use blockchain signs. They may not know if they are engaged in blockchain, but this heat cannot be missed. So they will go to jealousy. Among the listed companies in China, there are many companies that are not doing business, which is in the heat. So in this case, I feel that it is necessary to have a real expert out of the original source. The blockchain itself, if it follows this principle of application, it happens to be a scammer: it cannot be tampered with. As a result, this field has become a lot of fields for scammers. What does this mean? Explain that the real experts did not come out to speak. But in a simple sentence, you can tell everyone that, for example, speculation, now Bitcoin has a lot of speculation. Except for Bitcoin, many other digital currencies are basically unreliable. But in addition to the currency, what the blockchain should be used for, what it should not be used for, needs to be explained to the public. This should also be the responsibility of experts and professionals who really study the blockchain.