EdenChain and NodeNum jointly released 12 dApp games, one-step login to experience

EdenChain has partnered with dApp's NodeNum to develop a number of dApp games to showcase all aspects of the EdenChain service. They currently plan to release about 12 games together. Sign in to Dorothy.Network to experience these fun games.


What is unique about these dApps?

1, these dApp games support one-click login

Do you have a Dorothy account? If you have one, you can play it quickly. There is no need to create a new ID and password for the NodeNum game. Just log in with your Dorothy account details to start the game!


2, they can interoperate with MoA-Connect

You can access MoA directly from the game interface via MoA-connect. MoA-connect is a system that allows any developer to easily integrate the MoA / Pegasus system with their projects. Developers can now accept multiple cryptocurrencies across platforms simply by adding MoA-connect to their projects. With MoA-Connect, you can access MoA directly from dApps.

3. Use these TEDN to play these dApps without paying any transaction fees.

These dApps accept TEDN (EDN). What is the difference between EDN and TEDN? TEDN is a token dedicated to using dApp on EdenChain. Let's imagine. When you go to the game, you deposit some cash and get the chips. You can freely use these chips in all the games on the floor. When you leave this place, you only need to exchange chips for money. TEDN is like these chips and has been optimized for dApps developed with EdenChain. For the NodeNum game dApp, you don't have to pay any transaction fees (such as gas fees) when playing any of these games with TEDN. Would you like to change TEDN to EDN? You can exchange TEDN for EDN at any time. They are currently linked at a 1:1 ratio. For more information, here is a link to an article that explains the topic in detail.

4. Game trading history is open to the public and can always be verified

You can check the transaction history at eexplorer.edenchain.io at any time.

After entering Dorothy.Network, you can access these dApps by clicking "One Step Login". If you want to try without risk, they provide a demo version that you can feel at ease.


Now go to Dorothy and try. In addition, you can continue to pay attention, there are more steps to log in to the dApp game online.

Moa: https:// MoA.Network
Dorothy: https://Dorothy.Network
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