Financial Times: Learning blockchain begins with anti-fraud

On November 20th, the Financial Times published an article entitled "Learn Blockchain Starts with Anti-Cheats". The article said that blockchain is first and foremost a technology with no threshold, not everyone can participate casually, and it is not a gold mine that easily “sells money”. Even if you want to participate in the blockchain industry, you should learn first, and learning should start with anti-fraud. The article said that recently, many long-lost "blockchain" and "fried coins" WeChat groups have become active again, and the concepts of "air currency", "human health", "reconstruction of business models" and other gods are linked to the blockchain. It has been circulated among a wide range of people from “business leaders” to “square dance aunts”. This can only show that there are scammers, ready to borrow the blockchain craze. To prevent fraud, first of all, calm down and ask yourself if you really understand the technology. Secondly, in the face of propaganda and propaganda, we must keep in mind the basic common sense – if a job is based on the premise of paying the "contribution fee", and to attract more people to participate in the work, it must be a scam, not a blockchain. Bringing the opportunity to “salvage gold”.