EdenChain MoA lets you make the best personalized digital gifts

Giving personalized gifts has become a trend, in addition to baked cookies, handmade soap and other real objects, now you can also create digital personalized gifts.
Use EdenChainMoA to pass the gift to the pass, all terms and details are stored in the metadata of the token you created, and the user can clearly see all the information. Recipients have the flexibility to choose when to redeem these items and even exchange them for other users. Use MoA's certifying tools to send gifts to people you care about wherever you go.
You can send a pass-through dessert voucher to a friend, so that she can redeem it at any time. She can also send a card-based skin care service to her family, let her use the token before the interview, and the interview is more confident. She can also use her mother's knitting skills. Pass the card, let the gift recipient exchange the handmade knitwear of the mother.
MoA: Easily pass all assets to pass.
Watch the MoA guide: https://youtu.be/IyUrUKELUFE
MoA: https://moa.network