National Standards Committee: the establishment of technical committees such as blockchain and distributed accounting technology, and is currently being implemented in an orderly manner.

According to the National Standardization Administration Committee, in order to more effectively play the role of standardization work and service economic development, the National Standards Committee recently established a number of national professional standardization technical committees. At the same time, around the blockchain technology, sharing economy, baby products and other social hotspots, the National Standards Committee also accelerated the construction of standardization technology organizations, and started a batch of technical committees such as blockchain and distributed accounting technology. Currently, it is progressing in an orderly manner. In the next step, the National Standards Committee will earnestly perform its duties, continue to organize and manage the technical committees, and guide the relevant technical committees to rely on the strong resources of standardization experts, give full play to the technical support role, establish and improve the standards system of relevant fields, and formulate forward-looking, High-quality standards that are leading, systematic and rigorous, with high standards to help high-tech innovation, promote high levels of openness, and lead high quality development.