SheKnows tells you that Jia Nan is listed soon, and SheKnows talks with you about IPO and mining machines.

On November 21st, Beijing time, Jia Nan Zhi Zhi will land on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange in the United States and become the "first block of the blockchain." After eight years of ups and downs, after several twists and turns, Jia Nan Zhizhi finally has to take the first step in the listing for the blockchain industry. Under the policy of Dongfeng, does Jianan’s intelligence ushered in the stock price consecutively high? Is the blockchain industry ushered in the tide of listing? At 2 pm on the 21st, this issue of SheKnows invited the "New Third Board" godfather, Dr. Cheng Xiaoming, a consultant of Linkong Technology, Sun Shuang, an analyst at Guosheng Securities Block Chain Research Institute, and F2Pool COO Big Fish to talk about IPO and mining machines. More mysterious guests bring surprises.