Report: Alibaba, Financial Accountant and China Unicom ranked in the top three of China's blockchain patent list in 2019

On the afternoon of November 20th, the Chain Tower Think Tank officially released the “2019 China Blockchain Patent Report” and released the blockchain patent comprehensive strength list with the report. In the "2019 China Blockchain Patent Comprehensive Strength List", Alibaba ranked first, financial credit account ranked second, and China Unicom ranked third. The other listed companies include Ping An Technology, Baidu, Tencent Technology and Weizhong Bank. Overall, the companies in the list have a focus on the patent field, and Alibaba's outstanding performance in patent applications and patent distribution has helped it top the list. Financial Accounts is an absolute leader in patent accumulation and industry applications in the financial technology sector. Alibaba and Financial Accounts have been on the same level of patent authorization, and have obtained eight patents. China Unicom focuses on the application of blockchain in communication networks and derivative scenarios, and has patents specifically for privacy protection of communication network users.