The data shows that the transaction volume of an Ethereum exchange card game has surged, resulting in a new high turnover of ERC 721 tokens.

CoinMetrics data from the blockchain research platform showed that as of November 19, the ERC 721 token transfer volume reached a new high, up nearly 330% from the November 12 high (864,000), reaching 3.7 million. The surge in ERC 721 tokens was mainly due to the recent surge in trading volume of the Ethereum trading card game God's Unchained, which traded 6.6 million game cards in a week. In contrast, since its launch in 2017, once the hot cats (CryptoKitties) sold a total of 4.7 million game cards. According to a report released by CoinMetrics on November 12, the total transfer of ERC 721 standard tokens exceeded 500,000, exceeding the ERC 20 standard token and ETH transfer. This surge is also due to the growth of Gods Unchained. The game's 24-hour trading volume is 383,035 NFT, and the 7-day trading volume is 2,869,150 NFT.