Yangda, NPC: Blockchain is more capable of transforming and breaking through finance than other technologies such as artificial intelligence.

On November 20th, at the "Financial Evolution Theory: 2019 Beijing News Financial Technology Forum" hosted by the Beijing News, Yang Dong, director of the Financial Science Research Center of Renmin University of China, said that the blockchain and finance are particularly coupled at all. In technology, blockchain is a major transformation and breakthrough in finance than other technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data. On the other hand, the blockchain has a very close relationship with big data and artificial intelligence. If big data and artificial intelligence are compared to rivers, the blockchain is equivalent to a riverbed, because artificial intelligence requires data and algorithms. If there is no riverbed, Data cannot flow like river water. Yang Dong pointed out that the biggest problem of finance is that the centralization is too serious, and the value of finance can be maximized through technical means. Yang Dong said that he believes that the trend of blockchain is inevitable. There are already many digital currency exchanges. The application of blockchain in financial scenarios is infinitely broad, but finance is high-risk and needs to be highly controlled. So the application will be slower.