Lu Jinsheng Zhu Yisheng: Industry blockchain development and application have three bottlenecks of visualization, sharing and compliance

According to China Net Finance News, on November 19, Zhu Jinsheng, R&D Director of Lujin Institute of Technology, said at the Asian Financial Summit held in Beijing that there are still three bottlenecks to be broken into the development and application of the industry blockchain, namely visualization and sharing. And compliance. Zhu Yisheng said: "The acceptance of the blockchain will be higher and higher in laws and regulations, and the application in this area will be more and more." Zhu Yisheng also said that because the blockchain is naturally non-tamperable and traceable. The characteristics of the financial institutions, if the data reported by the financial institutions can be chained, the efficiency of the regulatory agencies will be improved and breakthrough, the relevant measures of laws and regulations will follow up more quickly, and many application scenarios will be licensed and landed faster. This is also in line with Reg-Tech.