Getting started with blockchain | What is the difference between a mine pond and a mine?

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A friend of Dabai saw that Bitcoin was worth a lot of money, and he heard that Bitcoin was dug up, and he blinked his eyes and wanted to mine. But it is not so easy to enter the mine, there is a lot of knowledge to understand. Today, let Dabai introduce what is mining, and what is the difference between the mine pool and the mine?

01 mining

What does it mean in the bitcoin miners and mining? In the article, in the world of bitcoin, bitcoin is like "digital gold". Like gold is dug out of gold mines, we want to "dig" bitcoin from the numbers to get bits. Coin rewards, and the process of mining is actually the process of solving the computational problems. The implementers of mining are called miners.

The detailed point of mining is actually to continue the hash operation until the result of the hash operation is smaller than the target value. Don't understand here, don't panic, please continue to listen to the big white.

In fact, the process of mining is similar to that of throwing dice. For example, the rule of the game is to let Dabai throw three dice at the same time, and the number sequence thrown is less than 112, which is assuming that the sequence of dice thrown by Dabai once is 111 ( The number of the first dice facing up is 1, the second dice is 1, and the third dice is 1), then it means victory and gets the game reward.

In the bitcoin world, we handed this process of "throwing dice" to some of our computing power machines (mine machines). The above example is that three dice are thrown at the same time, and the hash value in our bitcoin is 256 bits, which means equivalent to throwing 256 dice at the same time, and in the above example, there are only 6 faces in one dice. There are six possibilities, but one "color dice" in the bitcoin world is equivalent to two sides of a coin (one side is 0 and one side is one), so there is a possibility that 10 or more 77th power is generated. Therefore, if a mining machine mines, the probability of digging is still very small.

In the Bitcoin world, computers will constantly "throw the dice" until the resulting dice sequence is smaller than the target value, and a block will be created, and the first miner who calculates the result will receive a certain reward. . This is also a mechanism to encourage miners to mine.

02 mining pool

Dabai mentioned earlier, for example, to find a sequence smaller than "112", only when the thrown dice sequence is "111" can be considered a victory, but life experience will tell us that the possibility of throwing this sequence is very small The probability is 1/216, assuming that Dabai has been throwing there all the time, and may not win until the end of the game.

But suppose Dabai joins a team of 10 people. Everyone on the team throws 3 dice until the one in the team throws a dice sequence of "111", so if it wins, then the collective can get the collective from the team. The bonus that is allocated to you in the reward.

The process from "personal throwing dice" to "group throwing dice" is equivalent to a combination of computing power in the bitcoin world. The website established by this method of combining the combined operations is called the “mine pool”.

In the vernacular point, it is to put together a single mining machine (that is, the process of the mining machine accessing the mining pool), and then everyone provides the computing power together, and finally gains together, and then distributes the income according to a certain distribution mechanism. In this way, the profit of a single mining machine will be relatively stable. Moreover, the mining pool is a collection of several mining powers. It is a platform that is not restricted by the region. For example, the F2Pool fish pond is distributed in many countries such as the United States, Canada, Singapore, and Russia.

03 Mine

I believe that through the previous explanations, we already know that mining requires a machine with computational power to calculate. Then the calculation process must consume electricity, and people need to maintain the mining equipment.

Therefore, in order to reduce the cost of mining, people will think of putting many mining machines together to facilitate maintenance and management, and often choose a suitable area, such as Sichuan, Guizhou, where electricity is cheaper. In this way, many mining machines are connected together for mining, and a mine is formed.

The mine, relative to the mine, is the actual site for the centralized mining machine, which focuses on the collection of mining machines in a certain area. There are many mines in some places with abundant power resources in Sichuan.

04 summary

A mine is a collection of hardware devices that describe the physical properties of a mining machine. The mining pool is a collection of computing power provided by these mining machines. Therefore, the mining pool does not need to be concentrated in one place; the mining field refers to a collection of physical hardware devices. The mining pool is relatively similar, referring to the collection of computing power that may be distributed in different places. It is a network platform.

That white is still using a dice to describe the mining pool and the mining machine. The white, black, and white people are in different places, then throw the dice together, and finally collect the results of the dice through the network. More like the centralized calculation of the mining pool .

And if people such as Dabai, Xiaohei, Xiaobai, etc. are gathered in a classroom, they all participate in the game of throwing dice (that is, the mining machine to calculate), then this classroom can be regarded as a gathering of playing dice games. Land is like a mine in Bitcoin .

Do you understand the difference between mining and mining and mining? Any questions? Welcome to give your comments in the message area!


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