PayPal CEO: Exiting Libra is to promote inclusive finance faster, and maybe somehow can cooperate in the future

PayPal CEO Dan Schulman was asked in a recent interview why he left Facebook's Libra project when he said that when David Marcus (the head of Facebook Libra) first came to talk to us about Libra, he described it in a way that appealed to us. Inclusive finance. We are always exploring the next generation of technologies, such as blockchain infrastructure, to accomplish tasks more efficiently. When we learn more about Libra and see that there is still a lot to do on Libra and on our own roadmap, if we focus on our own roadmap, we can put all the resources in Libra. Promote inclusive finance faster. This is not a similar divorce. They will embark on a path that we are very interested in, and maybe we will cooperate in some way in the future.