Jiangxi Daily: Using blockchain technology to help high quality development

On November 21st, the Jiangxi Daily published the article “Blockchain Technology to Help Quality Development”. According to the article, from the practical point of view, blockchain technology has expanded from digital assets to bill management, product traceability, deposit and evidence collection, copyright protection, data sharing, intelligent manufacturing, and service for people's livelihood. The application of blockchain technology is both macroscopic and microscopic, and it has broad prospects in terms of serving enterprises and safeguarding people's livelihood. However, blockchain technology is still in the development stage of “infant and child”, and the room for improvement is still quite large. In the future, we should strengthen basic theoretical and technical research, strengthen infrastructure construction, build and improve key industry application platforms, and promote deep integration of blockchain technology and the real economy in more fields and at higher levels, and gradually form “blocks”. The development model of chain + specific industry realizes the use of blockchain technology to guide the industry to improve quality and serve the people's livelihood, and to promote the high-quality development of China's economy. Improve and improve the technical specification and management of blockchain, explore the establishment of a safety guarantee system that adapts to the technical mechanism of blockchain, implement the rule of law into daily management, and promote the safe and orderly development of blockchain technology to better serve it. Modernization of national governance systems and governance capabilities.