Governor of Yunnan Province: Accelerating the Popularization and Application of Blockchain Technology in Building a World-Class "Green Food Brand"

On November 18, Deputy Secretary of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and Governor, Cheng Chengfa, stressed the need to speed up the construction of the Pu'er tea quality blockchain traceability platform and steadily promoted the 14th meeting of the leading group of the province to build a world-class “green food brand”. The demonstration of “one county, one industry” was created to fully seize the commanding heights of the green food industry. Qi Chengfa requested that the solution to the anti-counterfeiting problem of Pu'er tea should be taken as a cut-off, focus on the focus of consumers, highlight the key links of origin traceability, speed up the construction of Pu'er tea quality blockchain traceability platform, and carry out pilots of quality traceability scenarios, so that consumers can buy with confidence. Drinking and comfortable. It is necessary to strengthen cooperation with high-level blockchain technology companies, high-standard and high-start construction traceability platform, and to provide identification of Pu'er tea with identity, to ensure that the uplink data is trusted, authentic, and unforgeable. It is necessary to focus on the key points of ancient tree tea and famous mountain tea, and carry out the retrospective test demonstration of blockchain quality, to apply the test to the industry, to open the market for the industry, and to accelerate the blockchain technology in building a world-class “green food brand”. Promote the application.