People's Daily: Encouraging social governance with blockchain

On November 21st, the People’s Daily published the article “Enhancing Social Governance with Block Chains”. The article mentioned that the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee emphasized strengthening and innovating social governance and improving the social governance system of party committee leadership, government responsibility, democratic consultation, social coordination, public participation, rule of law protection, and science and technology support. To achieve this requirement, applying the latest scientific and technological achievements to social governance, the blockchain is promising. Blockchain can improve the level of social governance intelligence, can promote the refinement of social governance, and promote the rule of law in social governance. It should also be noted that the latest scientific and technological achievements, including the blockchain, will inevitably lead to immature and irregular problems in the initial stage of application. This requires us to further strengthen the research on the basic theory and standard system of technologies such as blockchain, and formulate special regulations to provide guidance for the application and development of new technologies. Improving the laws and regulations related to electronic data will help to better clarify the boundaries of open sharing, clarify the rights and obligations of data generation, use, circulation, storage and other links, and achieve a balance between data openness, privacy protection and data security. To promote the deep integration of technology and social governance.