Liberation Army Daily: Accelerate the military application of blockchain and continuously expand its application breadth and depth

On November 21st, the People's Liberation Army newspaper published the article "The Military Newspaper Concerned: How the Blockchain Affects Modern Military." The article stated that the technical characteristics embodied by the blockchain can meet the specific needs of the military field. The decentralized nature of the blockchain fits the military needs of anti-destructive survival. The blockchain can be traced back to the inability to tamper with the characteristic cooperation warfare to command strong trust requirements. The characteristics of blockchain transparent open collective participation are in line with the military needs of information security sharing. In the field of operations, the decentralization, scalability, cross-network distribution, and strong encryption of the blockchain can effectively improve the security and invulnerability of the combat network and greatly enhance the flexibility and tenacity of the combat system. In the field of military management, the block trust mechanism of the blockchain can reduce the uncertainty, diversity and complexity brought about by human factors in the military management process. The application of blockchain in the military field, the military of various countries is in the exploratory stage, accelerate the military application of blockchain, and continuously expand the breadth and depth of its application, the following measures can be taken. 1. Strengthen the overall planning of military applications of blockchains. 2. Innovative blockchain military application model. 3. Break through the bottleneck of military application technology in blockchain.