Changsha has emerged a number of distinctive local companies to provide competitive blockchain application solutions across the country.

A few days ago, the signing ceremony of the Tianhe Culture Chain Investment of Tianxiang Culture's 10 million yuan was held in the Chain Chain Industrial Park of Xingsha District of Changsha City. This fully shows that the development prospect of the blockchain industry in Changsha is promising and favored by capital. The reporter visited the Xingsha Blockchain Industrial Park and learned that Tianhe Guoyun Company has used the blockchain technology to create the first domestic chain health application; Quanlutong has developed a high-speed non-stop mobile fast payment project to provide non-inductive charges. A new technical reference; Sunshine's easy-to-buy food traceability project mainly provides traceability of agricultural products circulation to school canteens and catering enterprises, and achieves seamless supervision of important ingredients; Xiangyintong's intelligent seal project makes seal management and use approval more rigorous. At present, the project has been applied in more than 60 enterprises and institutions in Changsha Economic Development Zone and Changsha County; Chain Future Technology has released the world's first “Xiangxiu Vocational Skill Certificate”. Unconsciously, blockchain technology has penetrated into every aspect of the people's food, clothing, housing and transportation, and is changing our work and life. Relying on the technical support of Xingsha Blockchain Industrial Park, relevant departments are building a blockchain platform for party affairs and government integration. For example, natural resource registration, copyright registration and protection, etc., all use blockchain technology. In the development of blockchain technology, Changsha has emerged a number of distinctive local enterprises to provide competitive blockchain application solutions throughout the country.