Economic Reference News: Vigilance blockchains deceive "golden signboards"

On November 21st, the Economic Information Daily published an article entitled "Warning Blockchains and Defrauding "Golden Signs"". The article pointed out that in the near future, blockchain technology is hot. For a time, the prices of various digital currencies rose, and capital should be revelry. From behind the scenes to the stage, behind the blockchain technology, another "feast" is undercurrent: hot spots deceive investors, speculating digital currency "cutting leeks", issuing "air coins", hitting blocks Chain flag pyramid schemes, frauds… The behavior of swindling and swindling by the name of the blockchain has risen. Industry insiders suggest that the development and utilization of blockchain technology must be innovative, return to technology and application. On the one hand, vigorously promote the application and landing of blockchain technology in trade finance, public services and other fields; on the other hand, the regulatory authorities are wary of some bubble risks caused by blockchain speculation and some blockchain projects. The blockchain creates a safer, cleaner development space.