China Economic Net: Blockchain technology empowers a number of listed brokerage companies in the securities industry to take the lead in "winding up"

On November 21st, China Economic Net published the article “The blockchain technology has enabled the securities industry to be listed on the top of several listed securities companies.” The article stated that the securities industry, as an important component of the financial system, has become a potential market for blockchain technology applications. According to industry insiders, based on the blockchain-based tamper-proof property, the credibility of the quotation information is enhanced, and the security concerns of the quoting participants can be eliminated. This will encourage more bidders to participate in the quotation. In addition, the difference in the fixed-receiving work platforms of different organizations leads to difficulties in the quotation and the fragmentation. The alliance chain can unify the interface standards and storage standards, thereby reducing the cost of constructing a centralized quotation platform. At the same time, however, the application and landing of the blockchain in the securities industry also faces many difficulties and challenges. According to industry insiders, the securities industry is a strong regulatory industry. The blockchain requires regulatory authorities to implement regulatory guarantees, supplemented by industry self-discipline management. In addition, the establishment of alliance chains generally requires the authority or market discourse power to promote, otherwise it will be difficult to land.