Wang Xiaoyun: Thoroughly implement the cryptography method to promote the development of commercial password standards and industrial development

On November 21st, Professor of Tsinghua University, Professor Yang Zhenning, member of the National People's Congress Social Construction Committee, Chinese Academy of Sciences academician and cryptographer Wang Xiaoyun published an article in the Economic Daily on “Deeply Implementing the Cryptography Method to Promote the Development of Commercial Cryptographic Standards and Industrial Development”. . The article points out that the implementation of the cryptography method is to further improve the management and guarantee level of cryptography in China, promote the development of cryptography in China, guarantee network and information security, safeguard national security, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations. Wang Xiaoyun also talked about her understanding of cryptography: cryptography accurately defines the definition and connotation of cryptography; accelerates the development of commercial cryptography industry, top-level design and perfects commercial password detection and certification system; and intensifies independent innovation of key technologies of cryptographic core Ability and standard setting, contribute wisdom and solutions for Chinese passwords; speed up the simultaneous planning and construction of password protection system in Xiong'an New District; accelerate the development and pilot projects of blockchain technology supported by cryptography, accelerate the blockchain industry standards and countries Standards and the development of international standards; promote the construction of cryptography and the development of disciplines, and strengthen the training of large-scale cryptographers.