Blockchain Blue Book Release: 28,000 blockchain companies nationwide, 25,000 are issued

Source: CCTV

The original title "Financial Technology, Regulatory Technology and Blockchain Blue Book Release: The Internet Fraud Market Scales Up to 110 Billion"

CCTV News: Under the guidance of the People's Bank of China, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences authorized the China Payment and Clearing Association, the Beijing Blockchain Technology Application Association, and the Social Sciences Literature Publishing House to publish three copies of financial technology, regulatory technology and blockchain in Beijing. Blue book. According to the Blue Book, while technology has changed our way of life and brought great convenience, it has also triggered many new forms of crime. The market scale of “black industry” for online fraud has reached 110 billion yuan.

According to the Blue Book of Financial Technology, in recent years, science and technology are changing our way of life. While bringing great convenience, it has also triggered many new forms of crime, such as cross-border MLM crimes and telecommunication network fraud. With the emergence of new cybercrime, a large number of black industrial chains and specialized criminal gangs have formed. The “black industry” market such as cyber fraud has reached 110 billion yuan, becoming the third largest “black industry” in China and spreading. Distinctive features of fast, complex, industrialized and intelligent.

Xie Shouguang, president of the Social Science Literature Publishing House: Therefore, in this case, financial supervision is particularly important. But regulation itself also requires huge costs, so through technology, especially including big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence technology, then to the way we supervise today, its efficiency should be said to be greatly improved.

The blockchain blue book report pointed out that there are nearly 28,000 blockchain enterprises in the country, including Beishangguangshen and Shenzhen as the core gathering place. Guangdong Province blockchain registered enterprises account for over 50% of the national blockchain registered enterprises, totaling 16,353. Blockchain technology is also facing serious privacy leaks while improving efficiency, reducing costs, and improving data security.

Zhu Yidong, president of the Beijing Blockchain Technology Application Association: 25,000 are all issued by currency, and about 4,000 are used for application. The first thing we should pay attention to is to prevent risks. Do not think that some enterprises such as illegal fund-raising and such financial frauds are considered to be a blockchain application enterprise, high-tech enterprise to focus on support, or to introduce blockchain technology. Not so mature, or in the process of development, there is still a high room for improvement.

In addition, the Blue Book on Regulatory Technology pointed out that compared with European and American countries, China's regulatory technology started relatively late, and the gap is still relatively obvious. Moreover, the research and development, implementation and operation of China's regulatory technology are in an unacceptable state. The report puts forward the goal of “regulating the rule of law and technology” and proposes to incorporate regulatory technology into the orbit of the rule of law.