The nation's first open media blockchain copyright protection platform is launched

According to China Securities Network, on November 20th, the country's first open media blockchain copyright protection platform was officially launched. The platform was jointly developed by Beijing Donggang Ruihong Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Donggang Co., Ltd. (002117), and the subsidiary network of Jinan Daily Newspaper Group. The platform uses the blockchain to verify the identity of the work, so that each article generates its own "DNA", and no institution or individual can tamper with it. It is reported that Donggang Ruihong is based on the blockchain service technology of Donggang TK-BaaS-E and cooperates with Jinan Daily Newspaper Group to launch the “blockchain application laboratory” to develop the “Intellectual Property Blockchain Management Platform”. All original news and literary works submitted for publication are digitally copyrighted and a unique blockchain signature is generated. The author's works can be used in the platform for original confirmation, ownership verification, distribution, etc. All transactions and distribution processes can be recorded, and through the big data monitoring technology, real-time tracking of the reprint of the works on the network, timely detection of infringement .