China Mobile Communications Association Cheng Jin: completely out of the Internet framework, the intelligent blockchain network has a bright future

On November 21st, Qi Chengjin, director of the International Strategic Research Center of the China Mobile Communications Association, pointed out that in the construction of the Internet, China’s deployment of the Internet has been set too high, and a series of key technologies have been passively controlled, and security issues have emerged in an endless stream. Hundreds of billions of dollars, the results are not satisfactory, many lessons are very painful and thought-provoking. Projects in the field of cyberspace information have invested heavily. We should strengthen research, comparative argumentation, and prudent decision-making; establish corrective institutions and mechanisms at the national level, strengthen supervision and audit of national strategic deployment projects, correct and correct in time, and prevent detours. . The technology and application of blockchain has a critical, corrective and subversive innovation significance for the Internet of American manipulation and control. Fully out of the Internet framework, the intelligent blockchain network has a bright future; completely rid of the Internet's control hegemony and know-how, the future network world that truly serves all mankind and not controlled by a few forces, is vast and brilliant. All major countries in the world have attached great importance to the innovative R&D and application of blockchain technology. In this sense, the global trend tends to be consistent in the direction and approach to creating a community of cyberspace destiny. Under the correct guidance of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China with Xi Jinping as its core, China's innovative development in the field of cyberspace information will never fall behind and will play an important and important role.